Concrete Research Network Process

How does a question produce an answer through a research project?

Research Needs

Anyone may send us a suggestion for research. Suggestions are forwarded to the Member Organization most closely associated with the topic suggested. Working alone or with the other member organizations, the suggestion may be approved or denied. Approved suggestions are posted as a Research Need. A Member Organization may initiate a Request for Proposal, based on that need. Member Organizations may also post their own, unrelated Requests for Proposals. Anyone may propose a research project plan for an existing research need. Contact the Member Organization of that Research Need to submit a proposal through them. When a proposal is reviewed and approved, it becomes Research in Progress.

Download the CRN Research Need Statement

Research In Progress

On the Research in Progress page you can view projects that are currently being worked on throughout the CRN community and funded by the CRN Member Organizations.

Completed Projects

An archive of completed projects can be searched and viewed here.

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